PayPal Bingo is Here to Stay

PayPal Bingo is Here to Stay

Online bingo has become a very popular game over the last few years and as the saying goes, numbers don’t lie. With more websites offering bingo than ever before, the market is there to pick up and sites are eager to sign people up. The thing they need is members to keep playing and that is where PayPal comes in.

These days nearly every online bingo site will accept PayPal as a payment option for deposits, therefore exposing the value of this payment method. Sterling is still king with a vast majority of bingo sites still accepting only Visa and Mastercard, but more and more are switching to PayPal as the payments are much easier and it is becoming more and more common.

PayPal Domino88 is one of the largest internet bingo sites and has around 70,000 players online at any one time. They have become so popular that many other websites are following suit and accepting PayPal as a payment method. This Payment Method forms part of the PayPal network which is one of the largest and most recognisable payment methods in the world, which is especially useful to bingo websites as they tend to pay out faster than credit card based websites.

Indication of popularity is the huge amount of promotional offers they are offering new players. PayPal Bingo will players up to £25,000 of free bonus money to spend on bingo, besides the normal welcome bonus of 90% to 95% of their members. They will also be offering a promotion of up to £500 that can be won with a single card bought. This is on top of the currently available promotion of £10,000, which also uses the same network as PayPal. They will also have the standard welcome bonus of around £100. The only thing missing from this list of promotions is an outright £500 free bingo bonus.

PayPal Bingo bonuses are becoming very popular as a result of the growing user base for this Payment Method on the internet. People love the feeling of being able to buy bingo cards with money being taken from their bank account without having to give it away, also known as free money. People love the idea of playing bingo without having to pay, but also of being able to give away money to their favourite charity if they win.

Being able to give away money is one thing that has made bingo card sales so large, but there is nothing quite like being able to give away free money, that makes bingo players feel good, and gives bingo players something to talk about amongst themselves.

Obviously, bingo is the main game here, but with a good bingo bonus, the players can also expect to have a very good experience, and could even make some friends along the way.

Remember, you are not going to get a bonus that will work for you every time, but when you do find one that works for you, it could make for a great time.

It is time you used the power of your brand name online.

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