Video Poker – A Realistic System For The Average Player

Video Poker – A Realistic System For The Average Player

Playing video poker is fun, it is the most popular game in the casino, and there are two reason for this. Before we explore this, you should know that about 10% of the people actually win, how else can the casinos stay open 24/7. Lets explore how the average player can realistically win at video poker.

The popularity of this game is enormous, there are two reasons. The first is it’s just you against the machine. Unlike real poker where you play against several other players, you only have to play against the machine. Second, the average video poker player thinks they have a good hand when they hit a royal flush with jacks or better. The reality is that the royal flush only occurs about 5.8% of the time.

The second reason for the popularity of video poker is that the average person can win at video poker. Although it’s unlikely you are going to win at the game every time, you can win enough to make it a profitable hobby. The odds of winning at an average poker table are accounted for by the casino take, which is a percentage of each hand that is deducted.

However you are far more likely to have a Royal Flush in video poker than you are in the game of Texas Holdem. This is because the odds of getting a Royal Flush on a video poker machine are stacked against player’s such as the joker.

Although losing is part of the game, the joker is still the card that any player can beat. Therefore if you want to win at video poker, you need to understand the odds of the cards being dealt, and learn what cards you can still get despite the odds.

The golden secrets to winning at video pokerace99 are as follows:

  1. Make sure you know how to play the game of video poker, such as the payout schedule. You don’t want to be playing a machine where you have to play max coins in order to get a payout. This only means one thing, you are going to get a low pay out.
  2. Understand the rules of the machine very well, and have a strategy in mind. Video poker is a game of skill, and luck. The only thing you can do is put the odds in your favor, and know when to play and when to walk away.
  3. Only play the maximum coins allowed on your machine,this way you get a higher payout.
  4. Playing maximum coins gives you a 95% payout, or 9 coins for every coin bet. If you play less than max coins, you can still get a 90% payout, only 9 coins for every coin bet.
  5. Always play full coin, if you have a full house on a machine you get the bonus paid out.
  6. If you have a hard time keeping track of the coins you have spent, use a coin booklet. You have the chance of losing track and not getting the bonus, but in the long run you will still get a payout.
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